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House 2 ist the best equipped house at Scout Camp Austria. The southern part was completed in 2008. The house is ideal for seminars or summer camps with large groups who do nocht like to stay in tents (as WiWö). In the fire hall you can spend cozy evenings by the fireplace. 5 large and 3 small rooms offer even on rainy days enough space for the program. 

House 2 you can rent as a complete unit or only the northern or the southern part. If both parts are occupied by different groups, the leisure hall, sanitary facilities, fridge and sink are provided for collective use. Two different groups can use two different kitchens. For bigger events you can book the well equipped commercial kitchen.





  • group or team office space on the ground floor
  • 2 bedromms on the first floor
  • kitchen in the southern part
  • fire hall
  • sanitary facilities



  • seminar room on the ground floor
  • 2 rooms on the first floor
  • 2 conductor, teacher or team rooms on the first floor
  • fire hall
  • kitchen
  • sanitary facilities in the northern part
  • 2 additional toilets upstairs


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