Zentrum der
Pfadfinder und Pfadfinderinnen

Eggenberg / Berg im Attergau


The Scout Camp Austria is primarily place for children and adolescents. The Upper Austrian Youth Protection Act is a statuatory basis to the children, adolescents and adults meet. The accompanying persons shall ensure compliance.



Any person who is in the Scout Camp Austria subject to the camp rules and the Upper Austria Youth Protection Act. 



is allowed on your own risk in the Dürre Ager.

The Biotope is an observation and resting place. Children under 10 years old must be supervised.

At the camp shop are available postcards, jew's harps, drinks, ice cream, candy, snacks and more.

be paked in the parking place. For delivery and collection driving on the camp grounds is permitted.

for open fires (cooking and campfires) shall jointly with the team of the Scout Camp Austria. You have to use shalles for bonfire. These can be borrowed at the team of the Scout Camp Austria.

in the Dürren Ager and hunting of animals are prohibited.

High ropes course
For the high ropes course at the camp ground you are welcome to sign you under www.highkix.at. A use without authorized trainer is prohibited.

Timber and firewood is available. You get it from the team of the Scout Camp Austria. Unauthorized felling, any damage of trees, shrubs and plants in the Scout Camp Austria and in the surroundings are prohibited.

are undesirable at the Scout Camp Austria.

Camp ground
Use only your parts of the Scout Camp Austria. Leave the camp ground only on the roads. Entering the surroundings property is prohibited.

Camp program
The groups are free in their activities. However you may not disturb the other camp users. The area offers a variety of possibilities, informations you also get at the team of the Scout Camp Austria.

Waste seperation
is important. Have a look at the plan of the waste seperation. For the waste island there are delivery times.

We are delighted when you sing and make music. Please do not loud radio, CD or other amplifier.

Night rest
is in the Scout Camp Austria from 11pm to 6am. You are not allowed to make any noise, light or loud music on the camp ground in this time.


is prohibited in all buildings.

Accidents, damage, injury and disease
Please immediately report to the team of the Scout Camp Austria.

Use of meadows
Meadows which nobody has rented, can be used by everyone. All other meadows are used for agricultural purposes and it is not allowed to enter.

The forest around the Scout Camp Austria is not in the possession of the Scouts of Upper Austria and is used for hunting and forestry. The Forest is like everywhere in Austria a recreation area. You can stay in the forest during the day, but you are not allowed to make noise, buildings, fire, stay at night or camp.


The Camp team helps you to comply with the camp rules. In extreme cases we call the police.



We ask you to a warm and polite manners in stock and wish you a pleasant stay!

Your Team of the Scout Camp Austria